Our Services

Artwork Photography

  • On-location photography in galleries, studios, storage spaces, performance spaces and outdoors
  • Large easy-access studio space in Montréal's Mile-Ex for works of all sizes
Artwork Photography

Digital Services

  • Expert image correction
  • Digital image preparation
  • High-quality 35mm slide digitization
Digital Services

Archiving Services

  • Efficient documentation of large private, public and estate collections
  • Spreadsheet or database to catalogue digital images and artwork information
  • Expert handling of artworks and artifacts
Archiving Services


  • How to photograph artworks
  • Managing, evaluating and editing images using LightroomTM and PhotoshopTM
  • For artists, students and institutions

Drone photography and video

  • Aerial views of art installations and large projects
  • Holder of advanced certificate from Transport Canada in drone operation
Drone photography and video

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About Lux

Studio Lux, is a full-featured professional artwork photography, printing and workshops business serving artists, museums, galleries and businesses in Montreal (Québec) and its environs.

Studio Lux specializes in producing the best documentation available for your needs. Our high-quality work has been used in innumerable grant applications, catalogues and other publications, newspaper articles, websites and promotional items.

Studio Lux is invested in and appreciates your vision and what you wish to accomplish with the work we do for you. Friendly, accommodating and flexible, we strive to ensure that we accurately represent your art materially and conceptually.

Paul Litherland of Studio Lux has been photographing artwork for more than 20 years, and has taken some 280,000 photos of paintings, sculpture, drawings, prints and performances of some of Canada’s best known artists as well as those new to the milieu. (x)


We like Studio Lux because...

Claudine Hubert Directrice artistique OBORO "Paul Litherland has been documenting OBORO's exhibitions for more than ten years. In addition to his availability and reliability, Paul delivers images that are useful for both the artist and the Center. He considers the needs of all parties, whether it is for general documentation, making the spaces and artworks shine, or providing details. When we present time-based installations, he also provides video files. He comes to us with his equipment, and makes sure that we receive files and contact sheets promptly in the days following his visit. Being an artist himself, he approaches the works of his peers with a sensitive and engaged eye"
Roxanne Arsenault Coordonnatrice à la programmation Centre Clark "Paul is everything you want from a photographer: talented, enthusiastic, available and attentive. Always smiling, he documents our exhibitions with precision and promptly gives us professional images that showcase the work of our artists."
Tanya Mars Performance and Video Artist / faculty University of Toronto "Paul's photo documentation of my performance, Hommage to the City of Women: Leaves of Gold captured the essence of the work perfectly. His ability to blend in and get good images without distracting the audience or getting in the way of the performance was remarkable, and very much appreciated by me. I look forward to the next time we can work together! "

Contact Lux

Feel free to contact Studio Lux with any questions or to book some work. Looking forward to serving you.

  • 514-996-9786
  • Montreal (Québec)